Trailed Sprayer

Rugged design with leaf springs and shock absorbing towbar for sprayboom longevity and stability Larger tyres allow for greater floatation that prevents soil structure damage.

Xpray field sprayers are in two tractor drawn models:

  • A. The X2800 with 2500 liter tank capacity plus 300 liter clean water has hydraulic folding booms ranging in sizes from 18,5 to 24,5 meters
  • B. The X4300 has a 4000 liter Chemical tank plus 300 liter clean water comes with 28m, 30m and 36m booms





In the Xpray’s design, the focus was on maximum recovery of the chemical spray on the target. This approach led to this unique mid-mounted boom configuration. As with all Xfarm’s products, the Xpray underlines attention to detail in the finest aspects to present a quality product delivering superior results.


The Xpray 2800 is the entry-level field sprayer for the discerning farmer, offering 18,5 m, 22,5 m and 24,5 m boom widths. It could serve the small to medium farm to the full requirements. For the larger operator, it can be configured to be utilized as a spot spray applicator to treat planting areas on a target-specific base.



A high-clearance frame rides on a suspended axle and two 28” wheels. Various wheel widths are available to suit cropping conditions. The wheelbase is adjustable from 1,6 m to 2,1 m. The hydraulic jacking leg makes hook-up to the tractor a walk in the park.

Together with rubber pads on the drawbar, the chassis transmits minimal shock to the booms. The hydraulics of the boom-lift cylinders also acts as a dampener. Together it provides absolute boom stability to enhance product recovery on the target.

Track following is optional on all models.


A 2500 ℓ polypropylene tank is securely “trapped” in the sprayer’s frame to form part of the entire structure, giving support to the tank in turn. The spherical shape facilitates in-sloshing, eliminating the need for a slosh plate. The vented tank lid with strainer is conveniently accessed by the stairs from the rear of the sprayer. The slanted tank floor contains a miniature sump for thorough emptying.

The centrally placed rinsing nozzle in the tank roof ensures proper cleaning during changes in chemical or crop types. The agitation system provided maintains thorough mixing right through the spraying process. An additional 300 ℓ freshwater tank stores clean water for tank and boom rinsing.


A four-piston 170 ℓ/min. Bertolini diaphragm pump delivers ample capacity to sustain agitation while spraying at rates of up to 400 ℓ/ha. Bertolini is renowned for its reliability and ease of maintenance.

The tank’s contents enter the pump via a high-capacity filter with shut-off valve for cleaning without spillage.

The booms

The mid-mounted booms shift the entire sprayer load centre towards the tractor. Boom stability is enhanced by reducing shocks, induced by the terrain, on the booms. Leaf-spring suspension contributes considerably to dampen shocks from uneven terrain. Boom stability is pivotal to chemical recovery on the target as well as reducing stresses for longer boom life. The trapezium-mounted boom further enhances stability under rough conditions.

The booms of the Xpray 2800 can easily and cost-effectively be widened from 18,5 m to 22,5 m and thereafter 24,5 m by just adding or replacing boom-structure sections. Five spray sections ensure proper coverage with minimal over-spray. Protection bars for nozzles prevent damage to nozzles and holders.
Hydraulic raise and lowering and folding of the booms are standard on all Xprays. Adding a central hydraulic valve with electric control from the tractor’s cab, enables individual control of the left and right boom slant.

Spray control

The control system of the Xpray 2800 can also be upgraded starting with the Geosystem 260 controller for application rate control, and manual section switching. Moving to the next level provides guidance, automatic section control and application rate control from a full-colour Topcon 3D touch-screen and GPS receiver. The ultimate level adds auto steering from the same Topcon controller through a hydraulic or electric steering system.

Operating zone

The conveniently positioned chemical mixer near the selector valves facilitates thorough chemical mixing of the tank’s contents. The mixing bowl is sized to accommodate all types of containers. The rinsing head cleans containers for safe disposal and operator health. The internal mixer rinses nozzles and cleans the mixing bowl thoroughly after use.
Conveniently placed selector valves, visible from the cab and grouped with the filling connectors, complete the operator’s work zone. Logical layout of the selector valves enables the selection of the pump’s source of supply as well as the destination of the pressurized medium whether it is the spray booms or the mixing/rinsing systems.
A freshwater tap, within easy reach, provides clean water in case of emergencies, and for hand-washing and additional cleaning.



Tank: 2500 ℓ
Rinse tank: 300 ℓ
Pump type: Bertolini 4 piston P2180
Pump capacity: 170 ℓ/min. @ 5 bar
Booms: 18,5 m / 22,5 m / 24,5 m
Hydraulic outlets required: 1 single and 1 double acting
Tyre size: 13,8 x 28 or 14,9 x 28
Weight: 2050 kg (est. with empty tank)
Length: 5,375 m – without booms (6,850 m – including booms)
Height: 2,28 m – top of tank (2,675 m – max height)
Width (folded for transport): 2,9 m
Track width: 1,6 m – 2,1 m
Ground clearance: 0,58 m


X2800a – Auto steer, rate and section control.

X2800b – Auto rate and section control. Manual guidance.

X2800c – Auto rate control. Manual section switching.

X2800d – Manual rate control and section switching.