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About X Farm

Company Profile

X Farm offers superior quality, precision manufactured and accurate seeding implements to the agricultural industry. We aim to continuously engage in groundbreaking research, translating into the ever evolving development of simply sophisticated designs.

The essence of X Farm is offering uncomplicated, yet efficient and precision made implements to farmers and promoting farmer confidence in using our machines.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure end user profitability, whilst promoting the overall and sustainable health of the environment

Oor Production Facility

Our Production Facility

The X Farm production facility is located in the heart of Albertinia on the Garden Route in the Western Cape.

Research and development, design, engineering and manufacturing are entrusted to a dedicated and professional team headed by engineers, draughtsmen, boilermakers, specialist welders, hydraulic specialists, spray painters and assemblers.

The modern 1000sq ft manufacturing facility boasts, inter alia, robotic welding machines and a state of the art water jet cutter

An efficient and driven team deals offers comprehensive administrative and spare part/ accessory support to the business and our valued customers.

Trusted alliances with reputable and efficient transporters ensure sound logistical support ensuring delivery consistently on time.

Our Team
Our Team
Our Team

The History

X Farm implements were designed and engineered on the back of a unique planting concept, introduced by us to South African soil, which ultimately revolutionized the manner in which broad acre cereal crops were planted on the continent.

This concept, widely known as minimum till planting, allows for the revitalization of previously marginal land, rehabilitated to production status as a result of increased water efficiencies achieved and considerably lower production input costs.

X Farm and its affiliate companies were the first to develop and then to introduce this innovative concept commercially to South African soil. Competitors arrived and may continue to emulate, but farmers know that the real home of authentic minimum till seeding implements is at X Farm. Where competitors have changed and adjusted their offering over time, the X Farm implements have remained unchanged and continue to consistently outperform its competitors.

The remarkable savings that farmers achieve through the deployment of our planters are:

70% in fuel, 80% in cultivation costs, 60% in labour and machinery lifespan is increased exponentially.

In 2001, we set out to adapt this unique planting method for row cropping specifically for summer rainfall areas. Ongoing research and development in design and manufacturing has translated in processes yielding significant results and adding ecologically sustainable means of cropping to our mission. X Farm implements boast also being one of the market leaders in the planters for

Fast growing sales and expanding markets have simply underlined the confidence the industry has developed in our products and the planting concept.


We fully subscribe to agronomically best practice principles. We design and manufacture our implements focusing on achieving the finest soil conditions and most accurate seed placement.

Good design guarantees product reliability and accuracy. This is also crucial for successful cropping relative to climate and time. Customers should take comfort in that we constantly strive to improve our products in design and build quality.

We believe that we have created a business built on world class engineering and product development principles and it will uncompromisingly remain our ongoing commitment to our customers.

We believe that attention to detail in the procurement, design and manufacturing phases are crucial to the success of our business.

It should be no surprise that comprehensive testing of all systems takes place on site prior to delivery.

Engineering Philosophy


Due to our hands-on involvement and extensive experience in the development of agricultural technology in recent years, we are ideally positioned to recognize and identify several areas in the cropping process begging for inputs guaranteeing significant improvement and breakthroughs.

We are well advanced in discussions seeking to establish a strategic alliance with a major roll player and household name on the SA agricultural landscape to improve our route to market and distributing our evolving range of implements nationwide.

We firmly believe that the forming of such strategic alliance will benefit our customers and yield handsome benefits for all.