Air Seeders

Drawbar Mounted Air Seeders

Air seeders are available in numerous configurations and can be drawbar mounted, tow-behind or tow-between.

A high volume turbo fan is capable of dual shooting up to 72 tines (total 144). Oil is used to preheat the air-stream and cool the oil system to prevent hygroscopic fertilizers from blocking the air distribution system. Air is ducted via a primary dividing head, a secondary head and then 32mm final delivery hoses to each seeding tine.

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Tow Between Air Seeders

The Xtream is designed to deliver granular and liquid product and can be split as required. High tech, polyethylene tanks are corrosion-proof and of fer excellent product flow to metering bodies. Stainless steel lids for easy opening and quick locking provide access. Strainer baskets prevent clods and debris from entering.

Tow Behind Air Seeders

The metering system is individually controlled by either hydraulic or electric motors. In the stainless steel metering system, granular fertilizer and seed are dispensed through polyurethane metering wheels into a double-shoot design air-stream. Rates from as low as 1.5kg/ha of seed and up to 250kg/ha of fertilizer. Liquid dispersal is done with positive displacement pumps. Flow is controlled using nozzle orifice plates which come in various sizes to cater for a range of rates, down to 50L/ha.

The electronic control system makes on-the-go seed rate changes possible for up to four products from the tractor cab. Implementing variable rate control, products can be applied according to site specific requirements.